Call for Panelists for 2015 CAA Conference

Call for Panelists for 2015 CAA Conference

“Printmaking as Watering Hole”

Printmaking has always been a conduit for interdisciplinarity (even before that was a thing).  Ateliers, co-ops, contract print studios and university print shops have historically served a variety of artists and thinkers thus encouraging mutual exchange due to the inherent nature of the materials and the spirit of the printmaking studio.  This panel seeks to explore the most current examples of this reciprocity- that is the way in which printmaking operates as a contemporary “watering hole” for multiple species of artists, academicians and socially-engaged persons.  In addition, how this exchange manifests through interdisciplinary initiatives and projects, which transcend the medium and engage a broader audience and/or larger concerns.

For the 2015 CAA Conference, the SGCI liaison committee is seeking to represent multiple perspectives on the subject by drawing panelists from a variety of localities in the field.  These include individuals or groups who are engaged in larger cross-disciplinary efforts within colleges and universities as well as directors and members of private, public and community-based print studios, galleries or co-ops that coordinate/collaborate with other groups on the local, state or national level.  We also seek artists who employ printmaking as an instrument for collaborative and intermedia endeavors, which engage the public via performance, installation, graffiti, etc.

The deadline for proposals is May 29, 2014.  Please email the following to the panel chair as a Downloadable PDF.

  • A brief abstract (500 word max)
  • 5-10 images
  • Brief CV and Bio

Jon Swindler, Panel Chair

Associate Professor

Lamar Dodd School of Art

University of Georgia


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