MAPC Journal, Vol. 21, 1 + 2

The current issue of The Mid America Print Council Journal is available on the MAPC website ( and The Mailer will soon reach your mailboxes.

Contributors include Paul Catanese, Alex Chitty, Nick Conbere, Bob Erikson, Stephen Funk, David Jones, Amanda Knowles, Michael Krueger, Phyllis McGibbon and Jeremy Tinder. The issue also features work by Bryan Nash Gill, Marilee Salvator and Brian Sikes, among others.
In addition to the PDFs and print-your-own options that are available on the MAPC website, you can buy printed, bound copies of The Journal from Magcloud (
Thank you to the MAPC Board and Advisory Committee for their hard work on this issue. Committee members are Janet Ballweg, Kevin Haas, Shaurya Kumar and Sarah Marshall. Special thanks goes to Design Liaison Charles Beneke and Contributing Editor Sarah Smelser, whose extraordinary efforts helped shape this issue.
For the next issue, Jennifer Ghormley, Anita Jung and Kristine Joy Mallari will work together as co-editors to bring you interviews, essays, critical theory, and reviews related to printmaking, book arts, and works on/of paper. The theme is Printmaking as a Form of Social Practice, and submissions are due August 15, 2013. For more details, visit MAPC’s website or write
I would like to express my gratitude to all the people with whom I have worked during the past three years, including contributors, designers, guest editors, Advisory Committee members, and MAPC officers. Thank you for being a part of the rich dialogue that each issue of The Journal brings together.Best regards,
– Lari


Lari R. Gibbons



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