MAPC Journal – current issue

The current issue of The MAPC Journal is available on the MAPC website ( and The Mailer will soon reach your mailboxes.


Contributors include Karina Cutler-Lake, Dean Dass, Johanna Drucker, Jennifer Garner, Karen Kunc, Josh MacPhee and Erik Waterkotte. The issue also highlights the work of Amze Emmons, Deborah Friedman, Curtis Mann, Nathan Meltz, Yoonmi Nam, Jenny Schmid, and the late E.C. Cunningham.

In addition to the PDFs and print-your-own options that are available on the MAPC website (, you can buy printed, bound copies of The Journal from Magcloud ( Downloads that are compatible with your iPad or mobile device are free from Magcloud. MAPC does not receive proceeds from the sale of The Journal; rather this initiative is another means of reaching our membership and generating dialogue about printmaking, works on/of paper, drawing and book arts.

Thank you to the MAPC Board and Advisory Committee for their work on the current issue. Committee members are Janet Ballweg, Charles Beneke, Sarah Smelser and Connie Wolfe. A special thank you goes to outgoing advisor Anne Cassidy.

Looking ahead, the fall/winter 2012 issue will build momentum for the upcoming 2012 conference and commemorate the twentieth anniversary of MAPC’s founding. The submission deadline is 15 August 2012, and I encourage you to send topics, stories and suggestions for this special issue to lrgibbons@me.comThe MAPC Journal thrives on the active participation of its many supporters.

– Lari Gibbons

Editor, The MAPC Journal


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