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May 29, 2011
Dear Members,The current issue of The MAPC Journal is available on the MAPC website ( and The Mailer will soon reach your mailboxes.Contributors include Charles Beneke, Jack Damer, Fred Hagstrom, Nicole Hand, John Hitchcock, Shaurya Kumar, Beauvais Lyons, Natasha Pestich, Nicole Pietrantoni and Stephanie Standish. The issue also highlights the work of Victoria Burge, Deborah Cornell and Valgerdur Haukdottir, among others.

Starting with this issue, we are providing an additional way for you to obtain printed copies of The MAPC Journal: along with the online PDFs and print-your-own options that will continue to be available on the MAPC website, you can buy printed, bound copies of The Journal from Magcloud ( Downloads that are compatible with your iPad or mobile device are free with the purchase of a printed and bound edition. MAPC will not receive proceeds from the sale of The Journal; rather this initiative is another means of reaching our membership and bringing together the people who make printmaking so rich.

If you visit the MagCloud website, you’ll see two different prices listed: the newest issue is available for $3.60 + S/H; back issues are $4.80 + S/H. The lower price reflects a special promotion, and upcoming issues are likely to be in the $4.80 price range. Be assured that MAPC makes no profit from the distribution of The Journal on MagCloud.

Thank you to members of the MAPC Board and The MAPC Journal Advisory Committee for their work on the current issue and this initiative. Advisory Committee members are Janet Ballweg, Charles Beneke, Anne Cassidy, Sarah Smelser and Connie Wolfe.

Thank you for your support of The MAPC Journal.

Best regards,
– Lari

——————Lari R. Gibbons
http://blog.lrgibbons.netEditor, the MAPC Journal

Associate Professor, University of North Texas