2010 MAPC Conference Call for Panels

DEADLINE: Friday April 2, 2010

The 2010 MID-AMERICA PRINT COUNCIL CONFERENCE in Minneapolis, MN: “New World/Old World” invites proposals for panels or dialogues during the conference OCT 13-16, 2010.

THEME: The 2010 MAPC conference “New World/Old World” will explore places where tradition and experimentation meet; Between generations, media and technique, private studios and public events, printmakers increasingly embrace a mixture of practices from different sources. As we enter a new decade of printmaking with an expansive mindset, we look for ways in which our practice finds a context in contemporary art by re-inventing tradition.  The MAPC 2010 conference will facilitate dialogue between eras and technologies.  We plan to particularly emphasize Latino/a artists, youth engagement and public interventions.

NOTE: This year there are two formats for panels.

Dialogues:   A discussion between two artists of different generations focusing on each artist’s creative work and the ways in which they contrast or intersect.

Panels:   Panels should be 3 to 5 members speaking on issues related to the conference theme and goals.  We ask that panels focus on the researched topic rather than the artwork of the individual speaker.

SUBMIT A WORD DOC PROPOSAL HERE.   Please follow the detailed outline for submission categories.  You must use Explorer or Firefox to submit a proposal.

Panel and Dialogue presenters will be notified by email.
Please e-mail questions to Fred Hagstrom: fhagstro@carleton.edu

Panels will take place Thursday/Friday October 13 & 14 at the Regis Center for Art.  We will contact selected presenters for details regarding any audio/visual or digital requirements.


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