Call for entries for “Regionalism: New Art By North American Printmakers” in Eugene, OR


We have been asked to be one of the curatorial teams for an exhibition titled,”Regionalism: New Art By North American Printmakers,” at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts gallery in Eugene, Oregon (

The whole thing, ideally, will be like a visual map of what printmakers are doing in different places in North America.  Hence the title.  Also, the work doesn’t necessarily have to be prints.  Though everyone in the show would be a “printmaker,” printmakers don’t always make prints.  Ideally, all of the work in the show will have been made within the last two or three years.

We are looking for:

-small to medium sized work, maybe on paper, maybe not.

-work may not necessarily be prints.


-created within the last two or three years.

-the exhibition will probably be salon style—ish.

We will be jurying from digital slides emailed to us.  You can submit up to 2 pieces.  Your slides must be:

-300 dpi.

-jpg format

-the longest dimension can be a maximum of 6 inches.

-name your files such as: lastname_title1.jpg and lastname_title2.jpg

-email slides to by March 1st.

-in your email message, include a list of slides which describes: Slide number, Title, Medium, Size, Year.

We will let you know of any accepted pieces through email by March 10th.

The show opens on April 22nd, but work must be in Oregon by March 26th.

You can check out the gallery (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts) at:  For submission inquiries, email us.


JenClare Gawaran & Gualberto Orozco for Regionalism Exhibition


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