The Next Question

To encourage a continued intellectual inquiry within the MAPC community we are introducing “The Next Question” segment to the Journal. Here we will pose a question to you, the reader, relating to the contextual theme of the next issue and invite your responses.

On Democracy and Printmaking
I would say that art is for the masses… we must bombard the masses with art.
-Emory Douglas, Art for the People’s Sake, Lecture at Fisk University, Oct. 2nd, 1972

In the fall/winter 2009/2010 issue of the MAPC Journal we will feature the theme, “On Democracy and Printmaking.”  In this upcoming issue we will explore ideas of politics, economics, and identity.

How do you define democracy and what, as an artist and printmaker, are you doing to help redefine and clarify your position?

Please post some of your own thoughts on the topic of “On Democracy and Printing” in this, The Next Question, section of the MAPC blog.

In addition, we would like to encourage you to consider “On Democracy and Printmaking” by submitting your own ideas for articles or reviews.  Please send an abstract or draft of your article to by Aug. 15th, 2009.  Please keep word count to approximately 1,000 words for articles/essays and 500 words for reviews.


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