Nitric and Ferric in the same sink?

I am considering reintroducing nitric into my acid room and was wondering if anyone knows what the dangers or concerns are if nitric and ferric share the same sink.

Mary Farrell


One Response to “Nitric and Ferric in the same sink?”

  1. Catherine Chauvin Says:

    Hi Mary – I feel I know you through Steven Pohira –

    I’ve had ferric eat through “photography grade” sinks (stainless,
    apparently not coated to be acid resistant…)

    Ferric Chloride FAQ

    Q. How do I dispose of Ferric Chloride Solution?
    A. There are two ways:

    1. Contact your local Hazardous Waste Disposal Company
    2. The solution must not be put down the drain because of residual copper ions left in it. To make it safe for disposal, you can add sodium carbonate (washing soda) or sodium hydroxide (lye) to it to neutralize it, until the pH value goes up to between 7.0 and 8.0, testing it with indicator paper. Copper will be deposited as a sludge. Allow the sludge to settle, pour off the liquid, further dilute it with water and then it can be poured down the drain. Collect the sludge in plastic bags and dispose of it as required by your local waste authority.

    Don’t know about nitric (neutralized with baking soda) and ferric
    combining –

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