Call for Panelists

Southern Graphics Council Panel for CAA 2010 in Chicago, IL

Printmaking and the Mundane

Due to its inherent means for reproduction, printmaking can be considered less precious than other art forms. This non-hierarchical medium lends itself to expressions of quotidian life. The urban context of Swoon’s site-specific woodcuts, the utilitarian nature of Jim Dine’s tool images and the vernacular of Ed Ruscha’s Standard Gasoline prints utilize the print medium to explore issues of the everyday.

The SGC/CAA liaison committee invites proposals from artists, curators, and historians who champion the mundane. How does the repetitive, manual labor of printmaking lend itself to recordings of the banal, unremarkable or mediocre?

Proposals should include:

A one-page abstract

1-3 jpegs of referenced images (no more than 1.5 mb each)

Short cv

Deadline: May 1, 2009

Please email proposals to Janet Marcavage at


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