History of Printmaking Text

One of my art history colleagues is seeking a good text for History of Printmaking course (including both art and design if possible). The dream text starts with prehistoric hand prints. She doesn’t want to use Ivins (and I agree). We looked at A. Hyatt Mayor “Prints and People” for its social context. Any other suggestions?


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3 Responses to “History of Printmaking Text”

  1. Jenny Schmid Says:

    Hi Kathryn- Prints Now is a really good resource for essays on new approaches. I also have students read Benjamin, Krauss and Vik Muniz’s essay “Art in the Age of Manual Reproduction” and watch Art 21 of Kiki Smith and Ellen Gallagher. We should write that text book! Jenny

  2. Lari Gibbons Says:

    Greetings Kathryn:

    I am not aware of a comprehensive text, but in addition to “Prints Now” I have my students read excerpts from “Print In The Western World: An Introductory History” by Linda C. Hults. I also like Susan Tallman’s “The Contemporary Print.” However, none of these are comprehensive.

    Beauvais Lyons has a great list posted here: http://art.utk.edu/printmaking/resources/print_bibliography.html

    And here’s an interesting discussion started by Andy Polk: http://inkteraction.ning.com/forum/topic/show?id=2282011%3ATopic%3A31891&xgs=1

    – Lari

  3. James Bailey Says:

    Hello Kathryn,

    There’s a good book called “Prints & People: a social history of printed pictures” by A. Hyatt Mayor.

    Starts with the development of paper,but only goes to about the 60’s.


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